Everlywell: A New Take on Wellness

As I get older, I become more and more in tune with my body, and what true wellness means. While I used to think wellness equaled simply going to the gym for 60 minutes, my definition has changed to include much more than physical health. (The truth is, those 60 minutes at the gym were pretty fruitless - I now get so much more out of a 30 minute high intensity or pilates workout because I'm in tune to how my body responds, not just putting the time in on repeat). Wellness for me now encompasses physical, spiritual and mental well-being - what I eat, how I think, being kind to myself. 

Especially now, with so much research around the connection between food and aging (specifically dementia and alzheimer's, of which my family is directly affected), I have been doing a ton of research into the health benefits, and downfalls, of certain foods. So when I discovered Everlywell, I immediately knew I had to try the Food Sensitivity test. 

Everlywell is modern lab testing at your fingertips through their at-home health tests. They have a super easy sample collection process and results that are delivered within days. It's basically all the tests that you wish your doctor would recommend, but probably doesn't. 

Choose from a huge range of tests for both men and women including cholesterol, heart health, metabolism, fertility, even breast milk DHA levels. I was drawn to food sensitivity because I always had a suspicion that I had some unknown sensitivities. Sure enough, my results came back showing (albeit mild and low on the sensitivity scale) sensitivities to MANY foods, including a few I was pretty sure of already - like wheat and gluten,  along with a few surprises (lettuce?). 

Once you get your results, they recommend an elimination diet to determine which foods most affect you. There are many types of elimination diets, so you can decide which is best for you. Then, just listen to your body.  I'm so happy I tried this test - I feel like the results can be life changing for people with major sensitivities they were unaware of. Isn't modern medicine magnificent? I love how we all have the ability to DIY what used to require a doctor and a lab, not to mention a ton of time. 

Interested to check it out or try one of them for free? Get 10% off your order by following this link: -http://everlywell.refr.cc/angelaamendola 

What test would you want to take? I want to take them all, to be honest!! Cheers to taking wellness into our own hands, beauties! xo 

angela amendola