Finding your Mama Tribe


I have always been lucky to have really close, true friendships. Thick as thieves, I grew up with  a pack of girls that saw each other through the throes of adolescence and those tumultuous teen years. Twenty years after high school graduation and despite being spread across the country, we still strive to keep up our annual girls trip every year.  Then I was blessed with an incredibly strong group of besties in college that took me through my twenties in New York City - first jobs, first apartments, breakups and engagements, first babies. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, some of my longest friendships are now nearly thirty years running (eek) and still going strong. I am so fortunate for that.

Then, after moving across the country with a four month old baby and knowing nearly no one, I experienced somewhat of a culture shock. Where were my bff's to meet up with for a quick spin class or a glass of wine after work? Was I really going to miss out on the playdates, our babies growing up together? It was a bit soul crushing if I am honest. Luckily, nearly four years later, I'm so lucky to have made some great new friends in my new city. But it took awhile. 

When I watched this Ted talk with Susan Pinker, it made so much sense to me. I think finding your tribe is the most important survival tactic any of us has. As humans, and especially as mothers. Motherhood can be isolating. We all need connection - and finding your tribe is your first line of defense against the struggles of motherhood. 

Whether you stay at home or are a working mama like me, make the effort to find your mama tribe - whether it be through your child's school or daycare, through networking groups like Heymama, through new apps out there like Peanut, designed to match mamas with similar interests, or finding any outlet where women are supporting other women. Cheers to finding your tribe!