Why I am Passionate about Clean Beauty


Before I became a mom, I used any old beauty product that came along. Truly. I never read their ingredients. I never gave a second thought to the current state of beauty in this country. And I certainly never considered that there was an alternative; a solution for safer, better beauty.

But, as we know, motherhood changes all. Soon I was spending hours scrutinizing labels, verifying organic ingredients and agonizing over the food and products I put in, and on, my precious babies. Except, it wasn't all honest. The term 'organic' isn't properly regulated. 'All natural' is nothing but a marketing term.


When a friend recommended I check out Beautycounter, it was a beautiful discovery. Finally, an honest solution for safer, better beauty.

Did you know that the products we use on our bodies every day contain harmful chemical ingredients that can affect our health and the health of our families?  In the European Union, more than 1400 of these harmful chemical ingredients are banned. In stark difference, the United States has only banned 30. To make matters worse, a major federal law regulating the safety of ingredients used in personal care products has not been passed since 1938. (yes, you read that correctly...80 years...terrifying)


Beautycounter was started to give people healthier and safer options. Their collections of skincare, cosmetics and lifestyle products are developed without the dangerous and damaging chemicals present in many beauty products. And not only is the company advocating for reform of the laws & legislation, but they strive to be transparent in all they do, from EWG ratings on all of their products to their 'Never List' (a robust list of over 1500 ingredients they choose never to use in their products). The more I learned, the more driven and inspired I was to share the message of this company and their safer products. The more products I tried, the more in love with the quality and consistency I became. So much so, that I decided to become a consultant to help share their story. 

What started as a hobby and a passion project has turned into so much more. I cannot believe that I get to wake up every day and do something that I am passionate about. While I was climbing the corporate ladder for most of my 20's and 30's, I never imagined I would ever become a consultant or do anything like this - but I can now say I am proud to be a part of a brand that is truly changing the industry for the better. A brand that is making headlines and making history. Most importantly, I can work my Beautycounter business around my life with the freedom and flexibility to work around my schedule and create the freelance-style life that I always dreamed of, at least since becoming a mother. I especially love that I now have the opportunity to help other women (and men!) create their ideal life, by earning a significant income all the while making a significant social impact. Can you say dream job!!! 


angela amendola